Gas and Electric Furnaces

If you are trying to determine whether to have a gas furnace or electric furnace installed, talk to the HVAC service and installation professionals at Ken-Air Indoor Quality, Portland, Texas, who serve the Greater Coastal Bend.

Gas versus Electric Furnaces: How to Choose

There are several considerations to evaluate when deciding whether to install a gas or electric furnace, including overall cost, operational cost, heating effectiveness, lifespan of the equipment and general capability. Here are factors to contemplate to make a decision whether a gas furnace or electric furnace are a good match for your property:

  • Energy efficiency. Gas furnaces are known to operate at energy efficiency levels up to 98 percent.
  • Energy type. Natural gas is cheaper than electric to run a furnace.
  • Upfront cost. An electric furnace is easier and less expensive to install since it does not require gas lines. Plus, overall a furnace power by electricity is less costly.
  • Operational cost. A gas furnace is much cheaper to run than an electric furnace. While the upfront cost is higher with a gas furnace, it makes up for it each month it terms of energy costs.
  • Safety. While both gas and electric furnaces are safe, it is important to test that a gas furnace is operating properly and does not create a risk of carbon monoxide entering the home.
  • Ease of installation. An electric furnace produces less disruption to occupants during installation because installation is easier and does not require the installation of gas lines.
  • Heating operation. Your home will heat up faster with a power heater provide by a gas furnace as opposed to an electric furnace.

Ken-Air Service and Installation for Gas and Electric Furnaces

We install both gas furnaces and electric furnaces all over the Greater Coastal Bend in Texas, including residential communities in:

  • Corpus Christi
  • Ingleside
  • Portland
  • Robstown

Call Ken-Air—the Gas and Electric Furnaces Experts

Contact us for a complimentary estimate and consultation when you are considering replacing your heating system. Do you want easy installation? Do you prefer more economical operation most of all? If you are on the fence about decide to have a gas furnace or an electric furnace installed, call Ken-Air Indoor Air Quality, Portland, for help understanding all of the pros and cons of each type of furnace.

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